January 22, 2014

BJP supporters, are we done with the one sided criticism yet?

For past few days, my facebook feed is full of either staunch BJP or AAP supporters, each criticizing the other party and singing praises for their favorite one, especially the BJP and Modi fans. I have no problem with criticism, that should always be done when needed. I also agree with many of the BJP supporters that Arvind Kejriwal is naive right now and not ready to run the central government. And yes, I support Modi for PM so you have to believe that I'm not opposing any of these posts for some political inclination. But for past many days, this bitching has only become more excessive, even up to ridiculous levels. I also believe some people here in my friends list would just oppose his actions *regardless* of the steps AK (Arvind Kejriwal) takes, which cannot be right. Let me explain why.

(Note: I only explore the double standards of the fans here and no other arguments):

1) Starting with this classic. A lot of anti-AAP people were complaining, "Oh see! He's scared of forming a govt. When Congress is giving outside support, why are you running away from responsibility now and want to bring about another election, or create anarchy!". And when he formed govt. by asking the people, all ANTI-AAP people were saying ... "See! We told you! He is Congress B team ... he mingled with Corrupt Congress, means he is corrupt. Now there is only one of these two steps he could have taken. He gets bashing on both. Not only FB friends, Harsh Vardhan of BJP clearly criticizes AK on BOTH these contradicting points in a difference of a few days on his twitter . I did not see any of you posting about that complete U-turn. Why? Wouldn't you call yourself biased?

2) He went to the people of Delhi to ask for their opinion on forming the govt. He was thus criticized about "not able to take decisions". Man, why is asking for public opinion so wrong. I will in fact be very happy if it happens MORE whichever govt. is in center. The methods, can be improved, not the concept. This kind of micro-polls happen in a lot of developed countries. It's him who's ultimately taking decision, but after knowing public opinion, and realizing that he would be criticized no matter what.

3) They allow some not so great, or a 'not so aam' aadmi to join the party, you criticize harshly. BJP takes in Yeddyurappa. You guys don't say a word and keep quiet.

4) Talking about Freebies. Has BJP never given freebies? What is 1 Re/kg rice promise in MP and Karnataka? Arun Jaitley says that was not populism, water is . What is promise of free laptops, or promise of a free cow to every BPL family in UP! - Not a populist decision? At least AK he is not giving TV, mobile, laptops - He is giving life line water, and that too, it's just the first step. He never said he will not work for actually full uninterrupted supply to all. In fact he explicitly said they are working on that. So you don't criticize the populism when done by BJP. I want you to do it for BOTH.

5) The electricity subsidy costs extra 200 Crore. He is criticized by you. Modi plans 2500 Crore statue. You don't say a word.

6) His dharnas are political dramas. What is then 'Run for Unity'? In all of your right mind, do you REALLY and honestly believe Modi is such a big saint that he is doing it for unity, not gaining political mileage? Didn't that extravaganza cost public money?

7) AK tries to take a modest 5 BHK flat, you all go angry. CM Raman Singh plans to make an 81 Crore rupees Bunglow, why don't you mock/criticize him? You are again silent.

8) AK takes U-turns, says things that he doesn't fulfill may be - you criticize heavily on that three weeks old party. Super mighty Modi lies about *facts* multiple times - but that is just a 'innocent mistake'. Why? Also, there is a whole list of blunt promises Modi made and didn't fulfill. (http://exitopinionpollsindia.blogspot.com/.../would...

9) Sure, you keep on insisting that even Modi and BJP are honest and 'corruption free'. If yes, why don't they post ALL of their donations on their website, just like the AAP has done?

10) Forget everything above, people have even gone down on discussing on Modi fan pages - "Kejriwal ki khansi theek kyun nahi hui abhi tak !" (Why has Kejriwal's cough not been cured yet?) And discussing how even that could be politically motivated or a way to gain sympathy. I mean, Come on! ! I have sinusitis for past 12 years. Does that mean even I have political motives?

It is this one sided bashing that has made me annoyed, which is clearly not very wise for any analytical person in my opinion. If Modi is capable, he will still win in elections, via democracy which you are all touting (And I think he will). Why are we afraid of AK dividing his votes? Isn't Democracy all about anyone being able to stand against anyone? You have to understand that everyone tries to gain through political dramas one or the other way, be it Modi or Kejriwal.

I just hope we all become a bit more balanced, think twice before doing this one sided 24x7 mindless bashing about any single party.

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